NOTAPE [NTL1 | Liquid Adhesive]

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VAPON NOTAPE [NTL1 | Liquid Adhesive] Silicone Bonding Adhesive (Hypo-allergenic)

NO-TAPE Liquid adhesive is a Medical Grade contact adhesive which has been tested and proven fit for use on the skin. Typically holds for 4-6 weeks.
A medically safe, contact, liquid adhesive. Can be used over existing tape or applied to the tape tab material on the hairpiece. Will not release from the effects of water, heat or perspiration. Apply to the bonding track on hair and the hairpiece and allow to dry. Attach hairpiece to the bonding track on hair. Can be applied directly to the scalp for partial, perimeter, or full-head bonding.

Ingredients: Silicone, Ethyl Acetate
Net. Wt.: 1 oz.
Made in USA
Vapon Tapes
Direction: Apply NoTape to nonporous surface of hairpiece and to area where hairpiece will be attached.
Allow to dry completely. Carefully position hairpiece and press firmly into place.

Removal: Remove residue with TopSol adhesive solvent and wipe clean.
You've taken the first step in offering your customers a valuable service.
Now you can perform the same procedures that large hair replacement salons offer.
A medically safe, contact, liquid adhesive. Hypo-allergenic.

No-Tape - Silicone Bonding Adhesive

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