TOPSTICK [Custom Cut "B" Curve | Clear Hairpiece Tape | Self Adhesive]

Size: One Size
Sale price$5.75


Traditional strips for use anywhere in the hairpiece. For Narrow areas and smaller hairpieces, trim to shapes as needed.

TOPSTICK B-CURVE [Double Sided | Self Adhesive] A clear, double-sided, medical adhesive tape in strips, used to hold hairpieces to the scalp. Hypoallergenic, waterproof, high-quality tape does not separate when removed. The back liner is slit for easy opening. Apply tape to the tape tab or perimeter of the hairpiece. Can be applied to the entire hairpiece interior for a secure hold.

Type: Custom Cut Front "B" Curve
Size: 3" Strip (25 Clear Pieces).
Mfg. Code: TSF25
Double-Sided and Self-Adhesive Strips. Made in the USA.

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